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Many of the facilities within this database are intuitive and can be navigated like any other website.
There ARE however some features that are unique to this website, and others that can be overlooked.
This quick tutorial will help get you started and then guide you through some of these features.

Getting Started

Which device is best to use? Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop??
How do I gain access to the whakapapa?
I have forgotten my log in codes. How do I get these resent to me?
I have no log in codes. How do I get them?

Getting Around

Where do I start exploring?
What information is avaliable on my/others Individual Pages?
Where do I find the Whakapapa Charts?


How do I find a specific person?
How do I know if and how I am related to specific people on this site?
Why can't I see all the information on certain people?
Can I search for other stuff?


How do I edit or submit information on an individual?
What information can I submit?
What about whangai, adoptions, step families and blended families?
Many of my direct tupuna are missing from the database but are not blood relatives to the branch that I am assigned to. Can I submit their information?
Can I submit information on my living relatives that are not blood-related to the branch that I am assigned to?
Can I edit directly in the database myself?

How can I help?

How can I help?