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Please note - The use of whakapapaonline.com is subject to these Terms and Conditions.

Whakapapa is all about sharing and connecting with whanau and we encourage whanau to share whakapapa with each other however, we do ask that you please respect the privacy of living individuals within this database by following these simple guidelines:

  • Please do not share information of living people in public spaces, public websites, open social media pages, or any forum where viewers aren't rigorisly screened. Birthdates can be especially sensitive information for some.
  • Please do not transfer information from this site onto commercial genealogy sites like Ancestry, Tribal Pages, Family Tree Maker, Geni.com etc as they onsell information to others for commercial gain. They also retain your information even if you decide to leave them and can keep onselling it without your consent. What others then do with this information is then out of your control.
  • One user per account please. You may however allow your spouse and children (<18yrs) to surf the site with your account but please keep your access codes to yourself. If in doubt, please reset your password.
  • If you log in from a public computer (such as at a library), leave the "remember me" or "save password" box unchecked and be sure to click the log out link when you're finished, so the next user can't access your account. If in doubt, please reset your password.
  • Although the information here has no legal status, it must not be used in any way for legal purposes


Please DO NOT share living information in:

You may choose to share living informaion in:

Public Places or Forums

Public Websites

Commercial Genealogy Websites

Open Social Media pages

✔ Private Forums

*Password protected Private Websites

*Personal Genealogy Databases and Websites

Closed Whanau Social Media Pages

Please DO NOT transfer ANY information to
Commercial Genealogy Websites

You may transfer informaion to
*Personal Genealogy Databases and Websites

*Note - If you would like gedcom/media files downloaded from this site for your private database, please contact us to discuss.


These guidelines will need to be policed by whanau. If you find that any of these are breached, a friendly reminder of these guidelines to that person would be all that is normally required to rectify the situation. If there is a blatant disregard to these guidelines and/or your correspondence to that person is ignored, then the offending person's access privileges to the database can be revoked. Please contact us in confidence with the relevant information if this were to occur.

These policies, terms and conditions will be reviewed and revised when necessary. If you have any questions regarding these please contact us.