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This branch contains details of 1,780 individual people, including 449 unique surnames making up 546 families!

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Nopera Rangiuia - 18 Aug 1939 (79 years ago.)
Olga Waerenga Priestley - 18 Aug 1960 (58 years ago.)
William Augustine Priestley - 18 Aug 1977 (41 years ago.)
Margaret Rangiuia - 23 Aug 1944 (74 years ago.)
Robert Ivan Fletcher - 26 Aug 1970 (48 years ago.)

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This branch is based around the ancestors and decendants of the family of William Augustine Priestley (1871-1937) and Kate Campbell (1872-1945) whose ancestors orignated from England, Scotland and New Zealand; and whose New Zealand origins are from the East Coast iwi of Rongowhakaata and Ngati Porou.

It contains whakapapa, information and links pertaining to the Priestley Whanau and some of their distant blood relatives of Rongowhakaata and Ngati Porou ancestry.

Campbell - Carrington - Cooper - Mackey - Waipara

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This genealogy database wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for you, the whanau. So firstly I would like to thank you all for your ongoing support, patience and understanding.

This database also wouldn't be the invaluable whanau resource it is today if it wasn't for significant contributions made by some individual whanau members...

Bill Paku, for your ongoing mentoring and leadership.

Kay Paku, for your tireless research and ongoing contribution to our whakapapa and whanau history. Kay is a generational family researcher (along with her father Bill), as much of her research stems from the family history her grandmother Katharine "Kitty" Priestley accumulated during her life.

Robin Hodkinson. It is your passion of our family history and your willingness to share, that really drives this online initiative. Robin herself is a generational researcher as it was her mother Joan Edwards and grandmother Amelia Priestley who steered Robin on her path.

Finally, I'd like to mention my Mum, Thelma Olive Priestley who spent much of her life researching several of my family branches. After her passing she left subtle hints that made me realise that what she was looking for was a vehicle for her work and someone to drive our whanau whanui history legacy.

- This mahi, we do in their memory -

This is the core of our Priestley whakapapa team ...and although there are many other whanau members who have contributed, I thank you all equally and unreservedly,

Merv Priestley

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Heritage Overview

Click on the chart below to view an overview of the heritage of this whakapapa branch . You will need to log in to view.

Tipuna Links

Navigate directly to the various tipuna families who founded this branch. Discover your relationship to them and the various families that have since made your family what it is today. You will need to log in to view.

Taraipine Tatua (1841-1894)

Rota Wakaate Waipara (d.1870)

Hokokai Kawakawa (1840-1870)

Charles Priestley (1826-1889)

Gaine Carrington (d.1935)

James David Mackey (1800-1884)

Duncan Campbell (1815-1895)

William Henry Cooper (1851-1928)

External Website Links

Priestley Whanau History Website (Open Site)
This website features tipuna biographies and tributes as well as indepth articles on various whanau historic events, places and taonga.

Cooper Family Whakapapa Site
(Restricted Site)

Stowers Family Whakapapa Site
(Closed Site)

Website Updates

What's Happening (Open Links)
The latest Priestley History Website updates.

Social Media Links

Whakawhanaungatanga online. Catch up with the whanau, find out where everyone is and what they are doing. If you want to know how you connect to anybody there, you can come back here to find out

Priestley Whanau (Closed Page)
This closed page was started in 2014. It's purpose was to enable whanau to feel more comfortable about sharing, within a closed whanau environment. You will need to request to join this group.

Charles Priestley Family - Aotearoa (Open Page)
This public page was started back in 2011. It's intention was to try and find and reunite the Priestley whanau. It did this with great success. This page is no longer used for general whanau discussions but is still luring in whanau, so it is kept online.

Our Most Common 100 Branch Surnames


We are a whanau focused entity so access to this website and the whakapapa database is free and will remain free. The database is independent of any other genealogy sites therefore, the information within it will not be on sold (as commercial sites do). The websites are also advert free and we hope to keep them that way. However, to keep this information stored online does come at a monetary cost ($5 per month). To help us keep these websites running, we gratefully accept koha (recommended $5-$10 pa))

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